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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Which Is the Colour Fairest of All?

January 30, 2018


Many of us will admit that most of the time, we’re still half asleep when getting dressed in the morning. That our slumberous choice of ‘which socks match this dress’ couldn't possibly be significant to our mind, body and soul. We may not be talking fabric, silhouette or fastenings, but there is one particular element of this morning routine that is expressive of the ins and outs of our lives: colour. 


We all know that dressing the part, helps you be the part - dressing to impress is one thing, but can colour determine how well you succeed at said part?


We all have different perceptions of how different colours make us feel. We even experience the very same physical objects as different colours - just think back to the controversial black and blue vs. white and gold dress debate. But maybe there’s something more innate in how colours make us feel and thus which colours we choose to express ourselves with. 


Whilst the dress phenomenon circa 2015 had everyone debating what the actual colour was - it was later explained that what you saw was dependant on what light you were under when looking at the picture. Natural light tended to ignore blue wavelengths which alluded intrigued onlookers to believe the dress was white and gold, whilst those looking under artificial light saw it as blue and black because the hue of the man-made warmth meant redder wavelengths were ignored by the eye receptors.


The first time I really thought about this was through a series of hidden messages in a single day. I began my daily ritual of pulling a Tarot card. It happened to be the Queen of Cups which suggested I needed to listen to my feelings to gain a deeper understanding and become more aware of what was happening within my core. Later in the day I had a Reiki appointment which brought me to experience starburst visions of the colour green - the colour relating to the Heart Chakra and therefore my feelings. It was then, I realised I was wearing all black but a patch of green on my jumper where my heart sits. What I had learnt throughout the day from my Tarot reading and Reiki was also right there in front of me, in my choice of clothing. The all-black I was flaunting was an indicator towards the lethargic energy I had been carrying around during the day and the splurge of green over my heart represented the blockages of my Heart Chakra by potentially not listening to my feelings. The clothes I chose to put on that morning physically illustrated what I was otherwise trying to understand about myself. Right there, under my nose the whole time. Mind. Blown. 


The thing is, we’re all surrounded by colour all day long, that we tend to forget how influential it is in our lives. We forget the beauty and the wonder and the complete reverie colour provides our every moment. The colours we dress in and the shades we dye our hair are profound to the energy and people that we attract. Colour helps us express what we otherwise don’t have the words to say, it helps us find our tribe and it sets up our momentum in the morning for what the rest of the day has in store for us. 


Think about it. If your favourite colour is pink, you’re more likely to be drawn to someone walking down the street who is wearing something fuchsia or rose or coral. You’re more likely to start a conversation with that person - opening up bucket loads of possibilities for a new friendship or partnership of some kind. Wearing a certain colour displays how you feel or want to feel. It influences your productivity at work and can be totally reflective of hidden messages the universe wants you to realise (see back to paragraph 5). 


If you’re conscious of the clothes you reach for when that sleepy hand reaches for the wardrobe door - you never know what revelations may come your way. Black may be trendy but it also might be the reason you feel fatigued and unproductive. But it also might be what makes you feel powerful. Different colours imbue different feelings upon each of us so it’s up to you to figure out your colour wheel of emotion. Take a moment to really delve deep into what the different colours make you feel and you might be able to feel a whole lot closer to your psyche. 


*If you want to learn more about Colour Therapy, I really recommend Dougall Fraser's Your Life in Colour: Empowering Your Soul With The Energy Of Colour - published by Hay House in 2017.

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