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Editor's Letter: December

December 1, 2017


If I have anything at all to say about the last 12 months, it is that they have been truly woke. 2017 has grabbed us by the claws, chewed and shaken our spirit and spat us back out as entirely levelled-up beings. It’s been painful, healing, awakening, messy and revealing. As a collective we’ve undergone challenges we never saw coming and we’ve lit flames to the fires that needed exposing. The last chapter of 2017 is about to get real freaky finishing off what it started. The year kicked off with Mercury Retrograde (seemingly) spinning our lives out of control and we’ll spend the majority of this closing chapter revisiting these familiar uncertainties when Mercury is once again Retrograde from the 3rd - 22nd of this month. We may have come full circle but one thing’s certain; we won’t leave the same way we came. Communication is already a huge havoc-infused theme during Mercury Retrograde but when the Full Moon in it’s outspoken ruling sign Gemini also arrives on December 3rd, we’re going to want to watch our tongues - maybe even glue our lips shut.


For the duration of 2016, I spent the year in fear of Mercury Retrograde and guess what? I’d continually have a bad time. This year I’ve learnt to walk forwards with openness and believe that the intensity of these retrogrades will serve me a greater purpose if I listen carefully and use their painful lessons to enable my emotional growth. I’m prepared for this one to be especially tricky (none of you will be getting electrical gifts from me this Christmas), but I’m excited for what it will offer in the long run and how it’ll take me into 2018.


However, I hate to break it to you Mercury, but…your retrograde won’t actually be the main event this December, astrologically speaking. Saturn’s move into it’s home sign Capricorn on Dec 20th where it’ll stay for 3 years - after a previous 3 years spent in Sagittarius, will see 2018 completely different to it’s prior. Whilst we’re already unable to escape politics and the never-ending chaos surrounding it, as Capricorn rules authority, politics and careers, it’s gonna be like someone has only just turned up the stereo to loud…Very loud. 


Whilst the news has continued to bring us tragedy after tragedy and our faith’s dwindled, I’ve felt the connection amongst the human race deepen. We’ve opened old wounds together and shed our old skin as we’ve moved forwards with rage, love and everything else in between. Whilst political, economical and social turmoil has tried to knock us down - and it’s succeeded at times, we’ve found support amongst one another. And support is what I’m thankful for as we leave this year behind. Participating in a generous 6 zine fairs over 2017, I would like to say thank you to those platforms that’ve believed in Hook and allowed me to share my creative vision to a greater audience. My aim for the print edition of Hook was always to spark deeper, more emotionally intelligent conversations around the ways we can enchant our future selves and everybody that came along to a zine fair, picked up a magazine from one of our stockists or reached out to us over social media has fuelled me to continue to do this work forever. 


The Healing Issue was my 2017 gift to the world and I can’t think of a theme that would’ve been more relevant and appropriate to offer exploration to after the year we’ve had. Launching it back in May at Housman Books was a dream come true and marked a huge milestone for Hook Magazine; nothing feels as good as people turning up to support you and your work. I’ve always believed in Hook but you’ve all been there reaffirming it right back to me all this time. I will be ending the year with a happy soul and fulfilled heart from what Hook has managed to achieve in only it’s first full year. And so, if there’s one thing I want you to do before you all get carried away with Christmas cheer and weighed down from all the food comas you’ll endure, it’s to give a little time to healing. To ground and recenter before you get ahead of yourself with New Year’s resolutions and goals. December is the portal that’s gonna transport us to a higher level - make sure you invest in it.


Thank you for joining the journey so far, I am forever grateful for your belief, support and love. I hope you’ll continue to ride along next year because, damn we’ve got some exciting things planned - including the highly anticipated Goddess Issue which is expected for an Aquarius 2018 release. 


Happy Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/kwanzaa or whatever you may be celebrating this December, god knows you deserve it…See you in 2018.



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