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Editor's Letter: May (The Power of Renewal)

May 1, 2018


Waking up on any new day of the month is powerful to me. I love how for just this moment in time, the dust has settled and I can…breathe. The world is my oyster and I am giddy with all of the numinous possibilities that lie ahead. The somewhat daunting nature of having an entire brand new month to fill with ‘stuff’ is exciting. It’s a chance to once again begin on your journey of making your life full and to step that little bit closer to your hopes and dreams. 


The power of renewal seems louder than ever this month. We’re starting to see a shift in seasons after this sempiternal UK winter and life around us is blooming and naturally, this is our time to bloom too. I thought I’d be saying this last month but like I said - sempiternal UK winter. 


As emotionally conscious beings we are drawn to finding excuses to start again. That’s why all of us make such a big fucking deal over celebrating the new year and making plans to reinvent ourselves or at the very least, better ourselves. As a self-proclaimed self-improvement obsessive (and like, who isn’t in this climate of spiritual awakenings and ‘wellness’ having a moment in the mainstream), I like to revel in my ultimate renewal twelve-times over. 


Here, I’d like to share with you the process behind my ‘monthly reflections’ - something I do at the end of each month to check-in with where I am in accordance to my higher-self (the person I want to be and the path I want to be on). I once saw that this is something Laura Jane Williams of Superlatively Rude partakes in, something which I had to get on board with too. So kudos and credit to you, LJ. 


Firstly, it’s all about the reflection. How do you expect to go on and achieve all of your wildest fantasies if you don’t step out of the ego and get into consciousness with your past? No matter how uncomfortable poking around your past may at first seem, it’s an essential part of moving forwards. So together with me, grab a pen and some paper and write at the top of the page: 


“Looking back over April I am…”


Now if I tell you how much contentment I get out of filling out the following headings, my inner (and outer, come to think of it) nerd will dominate far too large a part of my ego for my material liking…

But bare with me…Now divide your page into three sections:


“…Proud of:”

“…Grateful for:”


“…Letting go of:”


The object is to fill as much as you can into the three sections to fully exercise your mind and to get real down and dirty into your reflection. Here’s an example of just one of the answers I wrote down under each heading this month to help you get started:


Looking back over April I am proud of: acquiring two new stockists for Hook Magazine.

Looking back over April I am grateful for: the few days of glorious weather we had.

Looking back over April I am letting go of: feeling like I have to justify my life and work choices to anyone. 


In hindsight, these are such simple questions but once you get into the rhythm of showing yourself a little bit of self love, get into the energy of depositing gratitude and practice shedding what no longer serves you, you’ll soon be over dwelling on what you don't like about your life because the damn light in front of you has become so much more enticing. 


Once you’ve filled in as much as possible, we get to the exciting part: the looking forwards. With looking forwards and making big plans for yourself, it’s easy to spin out of control and to veer off the tracks of your true path. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you’re looking after yourself; all parts of yourself. This next question to answer is to help ensure you have all of the support in place needed to fulfil the life you so deeply deserve (and so you don’t burn out!) With me, write at the top of a new page:

“Looking forwards to May, I am looking after my…”


This time you should split your page up into four headings, which are:








Again, the object is to write as many answers to each of the four questions as possible. The more you write, the more magical action you’ll be able to incorporate into your everyday. And don't these headings sound so nourishing to each and every part of you?! Here’s an example of just one of the answers I wrote under each of these questions if you’re feeling stuck:


Looking forwards to May, I am looking after my mind: by continuing to have social-media-free weekends.

Looking forwards to May, I am looking after my heart: by organising birthday plans with the ones I cherish the most.

Looking forwards to May, I am looking after my body: by continuing to practice yoga. 

Looking forwards to May, I am looking after my soul: by reading another book that inspires me. 


You may see crossovers in your answers - for example my ‘continuing to practice yoga’ is not only going to be good for looking after my body but also good for my mind. Don’t get too caught up in defining which box your answer should go into, the fact you’re answering in the first place is enough and the headings are really just a springboard for you making inner progress. 


I really hope this monthly exercise gives you some clarity and sets the tone for your month ahead. And at the end of the day, you don’t need a new month to make some dazzling internal and external changes - all you need is now. If you think about it, every second is a new beginning so you better make it count! And if like me, you like a defined moment in time to act on setting intentions and letting go of the past (I mean, what do you expect from living in a society bound by social constructs), the now, (the start of the month) is equally your friend. You have the capacity to be extraordinary when you nurture and tend to the seeds of your being.


Wishing you a joyous month ahead Goddesses - and remember, if you want further inspiration for accessing your higher-self, pick up a copy of The Goddess Issue through our online shop or from one of our many stockists. 


MWAH xxx


An incomplete list of things I think are worthy of mentioning this month:


-Gabby Bernstein’s ‘How To Do What You’ve Been Dreaming Of’ Webinar (major breakthroughs were made)

-Princess Nokia’s new mixtape ‘A Girl Cried Red

-Superlatively Rude Live (shout out to all the BABES I met there)

-Gala Darling’s Radical Rituals: Abundance (which I am currently enrolled)

-Rock, Gem n Bead Show (I went to the one in Newark but they’re all over the country)

-The new issue of BABYmouth zine (which I did some artwork for)

-Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington (which I finally got round to taking off my bookshelf and reading)

-LOVE Season 3 on Netflix (!!!!!)

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