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Editor's Letter: September '18 (It's Time to Arrive Fully into Your Life)

September 1, 2018


Last night I ate apple strudel and adorned my body in the comfiest set of grey pyjamas - complete by draping a matching charcoal-coloured throw around me. I got well and truly into the energy of September. Warm autumnal food and that cosy feeling showing me all those well-needed earthy Virgo vibes after a summer of fire, passion and intensity. It felt damn good. 


September the 1st comes and it’s the sigh of relief we’ve all been waiting for. August is so often turbulent as we chase after the summer dream. But as soon as September hits and those leftover summer days drop in length and fall creeps up behind us, an overriding contentment finally steals our breath away. 


September to me is nostalgia. It’s taking my Miu Miu coat back out of its garment bag after all those dog days. Drinking hot chocolate (although, that one I do all year round). It’s the many birthdays in my family. It’s going back to school despite not having a school to return to. It’s also one official year, this September, since the relaunch of and I can’t help but ogle over all the soul-nourishing content I’ve had the chance to create in this last year.


From having the opportunity to host the most amazing interviews through the monthly Make Magick Happen series, to truly exercising my visual appetite with brand-new collages every single week. Particular highlights of mine have been the Love Letter I wrote to London last September and February’s Diary of an Ex Fashion Girl where I spoke about why I gave up fashion for magic…And then 180 - in July I decided I wanted to explore my roots of fashion by resurrecting some of my most notable and prolific interviews to date, in the series ‘Hook: The Archives’ which runs until the end of the year. 


But that’s the thing - despite the dichotomy and all varying degrees of nuance of these 365 days, I have truly demonstrated what a constant journey this all is. Metaphorically, in my own life as I continue to battle back and forth between the instability of my early twenties and figuring out my calling - but also more literally as Hook grows and further executes the ‘why’ of its identity. 


And so, I want to thank you for graciously standing by whilst I play with that. For continuing to show up, tuning in to read, commenting on Hook’s Instagram posts and truly believing in the magazine I am building. Together, we grow everyday and the unfolding is magical. Because I wouldn't be able to do it without you. I will always have endless thank you’s and gratitude beyond belief for all of you that’s made this such a welcoming, safe and expressive platform over the last year. I can’t wait to look back on yet another year of metamorphosis and see how things have bloomed. 


To that then, I’d like to offer you to honour your path. To trust your journey and see how things unravel for you. Believe that the universe will always provide what you need in any given moment - because if you just hold tight, the signs will become apparent beyond comprehension. All is always revealed in the end. Just stop asking so many questions and jump on-board to the reality that is. Some days require extra coffee whilst some require surrendering completely. But what is certain, is that when another year passes, you’ll be able to look back and see what can come from listening to yourself. Realising you had the power within you all along. 

You can catch me selling magazines, prints and potentially some original artworks at my most favourite event of the year - Lincoln Zine Fest on September 22nd. I’m very into the narrative of showing just what wondrous creativity can and does exist outside of the London bubble - so if you are local to Lincolnshire, do consider making a trip to Lincoln University on the 22nd to support some of us exhibitors. 



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