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Editor's Letter: February

February 1, 2018


First of all, before I dive head first into the FRIGGIN’ EXCITING CRAZY THINGS happening on Planet-Hook this month, I want to take a step back and reflect on all the juice and goodness of January. Last month was big on manifestations for me - I planted the seeds for many exciting things to bloom and I affirmed what I wanted from the universe. And you know what? I’m on the way to getting those things. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t make your own destiny. Get creative. Write down the things you want to achieve as if you’ve already achieved them, dress like the person you want to feel like and honour every step of your journey. We’re constantly moving forwards - why not admire the view along the way?


In January I unveiled a brand-spanking new monthly series for 2018: Make Magick Happen (Into the Soul’s of Indie Makers) and I’m utterly ecstatic with the reaction and support it’s received so far.  As an Independent Publisher and Creator, I wanted to create a space where each month, I invite a different Indie Maker to answer questions about their process and what it takes for them to create in a world run by capitalism - in an attempt to offer support and guidance to those who want to follow a similar path. The first Maker I interviewed for the series was Artist and Goddess, Gabriella Rosie - who spoke all about having too many ideas, quitting your day job to become a full-time Art-babe and what success means. You can check out the interview here!


I have a whole range of fantastic Independent Makers lined up for the rest of the year and I can’t wait to be able to introduce you to them all, and hopefully inspire YOU to Make Magick Happen. Stay tuned for February’s feature…


And now I’ve warmed you up nicely, I want to introduce you to the main event. THE GODDESS ISSUE IS COMING THIS MONTH! Did you hear that loud enough?! UH-HUH that’s right, Hook’s long-awaited Issue #3 is finally coming to a retailer near you at-some-point-over-the-month. I am beyond overwhelmed to be able to announce a body-of-work so dear to my heart and I am confident in saying this is some of my best work yet!


I’d been anticipating a Goddess revolution for quite some time: I hinted at it’s power in The Tarot Issue and offered weapons of choice in The Healing Issue. But the rise of the Goddess is finally here to conquer. This last year has been ripe in potency and sensitivity as we’ve learnt what can be achieved and shook when we use our voices to ignite our inner power and strength. 2018 is a time to celebrate our bodies and the diversity of each and every one of them, to own our sexuality, to treat our mind and soul’s as they truly deserve and to reject the archaic notions of what it means to be feminine. Incorporating all of the above into The Goddess Issue, Hook’s latest release is a handbook for every woman ready to come out of the dark and live in her power once and for all. I have so much love pouring out of me for what this issue stands for and all of the glorious people who’ve contributed so much of themselves to help make this magazine something truly important. Keep your eyes pealed at Hook’s socials for more information on The Goddess Launch Party and the official release of the magazine.


So there you have it. I’ve been cooking up this storm and it’s finally coming. Thank you for giving a moment of your precious time to checking WHAT’S UP - I promise I won’t disappoint. 


Look after yourselves and I’ll be with you again with a brand new issue of Hook Magazine in my hands.


Esme xxx

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