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A DIY Guide to Full Moon Magic

November 21, 2018


If you’ve found yourself scrolling through #witchesofinstagram, longing to transform your life through magic and manifestation but are at a loss as to how you can pull your broomstick out of the closet, look no further than the moon. You don’t need a collection of crystals, an astrologer on speed-dial, a tarot deck or any of the spiritual materialism consumerism has taught witches to believe they must own; all you need is the moon. And if you’re holding back, waiting for the ‘right time’ to begin - then this upcoming potent full moon has got your back.


If you know anything at all about the moon’s influence on your emotions, you’ll know the full moon is the most intense time of month for us. And if you know anything at all, period, it’s that the moon completes one full cycle each month - every 29.5 days to be precise. A full moon occurs when the Earth is directly aligned between the sun and the moon, putting us into the cosmic spotlight and making it the perfect time to bring everything (including your shadow) to the surface. Planning a simple ritual for this upcoming full moon then, is the perfect time to begin your relationship with magic as you’ll feel like your most authentic self and be more 'awake' to listen to your intuition.


The full moon’s ripened energy is a time to reflect and observe what you have learnt and gained since the beginning of the last new moon. It’s your chance to release all of the things that no longer serve you and fully open up to your truth. It’s a time to set fresh intentions, let go of old stories and remove any obstacles in the way of what you truly desire. As the moon is the planetary element closest to humans; mirroring our bodies’ natural cycles, performing moon magic has the potential to completely realign yourself to be more in touch with your body’s movements and emotions. Our lives play out so fast - we’re eating on the go and catching up on our emails when we should be sleeping, we could all use the release of checking in with ourselves at least once a month. And if you only have time once a month to sit with the moon’s power (and lets be real, witches aren’t immune to the chaotic scheduling and busyness of modern-day life), then I suggest blocking out time when the moon is full your priority.


You don’t need to sit out and channel a god you don't believe in, but you can follow a few simple steps as a form of self-care over the 48 hours that glisten in full moon energy. As you become more confident and clear of what works and what doesn't work for you, you’ll create more of a personalised, more meaningful ritual. But here are some things I find effective upon the full moon to get you going:


  • Clean all of your mirrors with rose water. I use one this but you can also make your own, adding splashes of whatever oils are calling your name. With all these planetary movements and Mercury Retrograde, it's an emotionally intense month - you deserve to look at your reflection with kindness and love. 

  • Charge any crystals out under the full moon. They will soak up the intensified energy and will help the intentions you set become more focused into manifest. 

  • Write every thought, emotion or action that doesn't serve you or you no longer want down on a piece of paper and burn it as an offering to the universe; cleansing the space with sage or palo santo whilst you do for the ultimate act of renewal. I often sit and write a whole page of beliefs I no longer want by starting with..."This full moon, I am letting go of..."

  • Ask your guides where your power is best delegated and pay extra close attention to any signs or symbolism that may give you the answers you are searching for. I particularly receive significant many messages through numbers, so if you see a reoccurring sequence of numbers pop up, perhaps look into what they mean.

  • Research which astrological sign the moon will be in - different signs bring to light different issues and subjects, so you’ll want to be prepared knowing which areas of your life you should focus on. This month, the moon is full in twin-sign Gemini, so the spotlight is particularly on communication.

As this full moon in Gemini also falls alongside the beginning of Mercury Retrograde, you’re going to want to keep that third eye open to anything that may come up for healing or transformation. It’s going to be extra intense but hopefully the ritual advice above will help you use this potent energy to come out the other side glistening in your power and revelling in your truth. 


Happy Full Moon Goddesses and don’t forget to tag me in any ritual photos you might take!

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