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Editor's Letter: January

January 1, 2018




*Fireworks crackle*, *fanfares echo*, *party poppers burst*. You did it. You really did it! You not only got through energy-intense December but you survived the whole of 2017. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. And I welcome you to 2018…


However you celebrated the night before, I truly hope you gave yourself a pat on the back for everything you achieved over the last 12 months. Whether you found it tough or your best year yet, we all now have the opportunity to move forwards with grace and plant the seeds for an incredible new journey. Although you have the power to change your world at any given moment, official new beginnings give us motivation to recenter ourselves with whom we are and who we want to be. Let’s get plotting and planning for some magick to happen in 2018.


A Super Full Moon in Cancer on the 1st of the month (or 2nd depending where you reside) means it’s time to shed our skin like never before. Full Moons are for letting go and making space for the intentions we set earlier in the lunar cycle, and so on top of being a brand-spanking new year, time is extra ripe for leaving the shit behind. It’s time to get uncomfortable, run towards things that scare us the most and leave behind everything that no longer serves us. Let’s get dramatic with our shedding and create body suits made of gold. Whether you feel like you can stick to resolutions or you find yourself dwindling on your promises after a single day or two, the optimism in the air shines light on a shiny new path. A path we can all walk along in ruby red slippers in hope of finding an Emerald City. We have to be brave and dive in head first; it’s already January and the minutes are already ticking. 


But don’t worry too much, January gives us two chances to get it right with a second Full Moon on the 31st. This one also happens to be a Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Expect more passionate peelings of layers and climatic endings: Leo means it’s time to let your inner queen loose. No one got where they wanted in a single day’s work but the Lunar Eclipse will give you enough gusto to feel like you’re capable of such. 


So with no time to waste and hangovers limiting how much we can think for ourselves right now, here of some ideas to journal or reflect on as we take this leap forward into a new mecca of life:


  • How can you improve your health this year? Mental or physical, it’s time to check in with what your mind and body is telling you to be able to connect yourself back to your being. 

  • What do you want to accomplish this year? Write them down - writing things down is a method proven to bring things into fruition. Whether something as small as making a trip to the doctors or as ambitious as publishing the next issue of Hook, I’ve written a different goal for each of the 12 months to keep me moving and so I can feel a sense of structure to my life.

  • What and who are you going to leave behind in 2017? Reflect upon those bad habits and toxic relationships and tell yourself you deserve better. You do deserve better. You can’t expect to be able to create magic if you're surrounded by people pulling your castle down.

  • What are you going to make time for in 2018? To read more? To take yourself on more dates? In 2017 I made reiki a vital part of my monthly ritual because I find it vital to my wellbeing, despite sometimes finding it hard to fit it into my schedule. Where are you going to find time for you? Do more of what you love. 


Call in the year like you’re brand new. Because darling, you’re about to be. Wishing you all the most reflective, healing and transformative month - I can’t wait to see what you’ve all manifested in time for next month. Here’s to rebirth and explosive levelling up. Happy New Year everyone. 




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