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Make Magick Happen (Into the Souls of Indie Makers): Harri Rose

May 30, 2018


Last month I had the absolute pleasure of meeting certified health coach and social-influencer, Harri Rose at Superlatively Rude Live. Having met some of the most high-vibe and wonderful creative creatures through Laura’s online and IRL community - whom I now consider friends, my next guest-feature for Make Magick Happen is short of neither of those things. Colliding together through a mutual abundance of flowing pink locks, Harri’s personality was immediately as bright as her hair and her energy as glistening as the puckering Tatty Devine necklace she was wearing. As an advocate for body-acceptance and a proud role-model for rejecting the toxic diet-industry, Harri’s work follows an unapologetic approach to creating your own rules around wellness for a life you want to live. Coordinating with this Goddess-era of Hook Magazine that aims to realign the traditional themes of the divine feminine with modern-day women and the modern-day issues we face, Harri Rose is someone I am thankful to have met and someone who’s messages I will never stop reinforcing.


From Menstrual to Comparison coaches - health and wellness coaching in all corners of it’s domain has risen to a whole new halcyon of self-help. Women are wanting to heal various areas of their lives with the help of a mentor and delve deep into taking care of their mental, emotional and physical health like never before. I am so excited to share this interview with Harri Rose because not only does she have the most genuine soul, but does she give such a great insight into health-coaching for anyone also interested in building a life towards helping others….



Tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

My name is Harri Rose. I'm a qualified health coach and I specialise in unapologetic body acceptance. I help coach women to get unfucked up about their bodies and make peace with food. I work with people one to one, do workshops and blog on how to help ditch BS diet mentality which is stopping you from leading your happiest, shiniest life. 


Why were you inspired to pursue the career you have? What drives you?

I used to really be in the depths of diet mentality thinking that if I could just reach my goal weight I'd be happy. And I really disliked my body a lot. But then I trained to be a massage therapist and I discovered just how amazing the body is. How we all look the same really - how an arm is an arm and a leg is a leg. And how we are as much our eyes as our thighs. It was a really transformative year for my mental health in terms of learning to appreciate my body. It was at the same time I met a girl called Laura who was training to be a health coach. Laura taught me about bio-individuality and coached me in finding balance and really overhauled my eating habits. And from there I decided to train as a health coach. However when I got into my course a lot of the wellness scene was speaking in diet terms. And as I learned more about body positivity and the anti-diet movement, that’s really when I healed my relationship with food and my body. And that's how I became passionate about helping others do the same. We are all fed so many messages that we're not good enough, not attractive enough, not sexy enough. It's all bullshit. Enough is enough. Being a coach and seeing the transformations that happen in people. It's super inspirational to see. 


"We are as much our eyes as our thighs..."

- Harri Rose


Do you think there has to be some level of personal/emotional motivation for you to be a successful health coach?

I think you have to be driven by wanting to help others find peace or wellness. Being healthy and 'wellness' is totally subjective and I believe that there's no one right diet or path to wellbeing for everyone, so in my opinion, you have to be empathic to that. You get told some emotional stories and so you definitely have to be sympathetic to what other people are going through on their journey for sure. 


What is the biggest challenge you face within your job?

The biggest challenge is persuading people that there's a difference between reading a motivational quote on Instagram and having a personal coach to help make permanent changes to your thoughts and behaviours. It's such a big difference. It's hard to do all the personal development work on your own. Having a coach is like having your own personal cheer-leader. It's life changing in some instances. 



What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt whilst working for yourself?

Don't do it on your own! Build a community of like-minded people who you can cheer on and they will do the same for you. Go out and meet people. Hire a coach. Be kind to yourself, always. 


"There's a difference between reading a motivational quote

on Instagram and having a personal coach to help

make permanent changes to your thoughts and behaviours."

- Harri Rose


Self-help/self-improvement is booming more than ever, why do you think this is?

Good question. I feel that more and more people are turning away from the lifestyles our parents created i.e. jobs for life etc. And wanting to build meaningful lives which aren't just about the accumulation of material things. And when people are seeking that type of life it involves self-reflection. And I think that self improvement is a natural path for many. We always want to better ourselves and it’s never been easier to get information on how to do it. 



What would your advice to aspiring health coaches be for gaining clients?

Go and meet people. Do talks and put yourself out there. It's much easier for people to learn about you face-to-face than just behind words. Create content that is meaningful and useful. Always over-deliver if you can. Create trust. And be sincere in wanting to help. People will pick up on any falseness, so be yourself. 



How would you suggest people go about finding the coach right for them?

Most coaches do a taster session so ask for one to just go and test out! If it doesn't feel right then it's ok to say. Working with a coach should be a two way street. They'll want to work with people who fit their vibe and not want to if it's not right either. 


Finish the sentence. ‘Success is….’

Success is failing quickly. Laughing often.  Living from a place of integrity. And feeling that you're being yourself in all areas of your life. And if there's enough money in there for things that fill your soul then that's a double bonus.  

If you want to learn about the one-to-one coaching Harri offers, please check out her website

for her waiting list and in the mean-time, check out her Instagram for her latest updates

and snippets of her magical messages and bullshit-free content. 


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