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Make Magick Happen (Into the Souls of Indie Makers): Kate Taylor

November 28, 2018

I don’t think it’s too presumptuous to call “multi-hyphenate” one of the biggest buzzwords of 2018. Nor to conclude that the spotlight’s been deeply upon self-care and personal development. Whilst we add slashes to our job descriptions, we’re equally ousting the parts of our lives that don’t speak to our greater fulfilment and instead building lives on our own terms.


Kate Taylor, embodies this melange completely. A life coach dedicated to assisting you on a quest of creative authenticity and a podcast-host adding oodles of warmth and wisdom to your week, Kate’s “melting pot of goodness” as she calls it, is as limitless as all she offers. This year also saw the launch of her Practical Magic Activation Deck, (with which her podcast shares the same name), which is a vibrantly illustrated 56-card deck and activation workbook to help you become your own life-coach; the first of its kind.


I am so thrilled to be able to welcome Kate to Make Magick Happen this month - not only does she carry fourth a persona bright and kind enough to inspire anyone’s mindset, but her experience and insight into creative business is just invaluable. From the challenges of launching a product as oppose to a service, to the behind-the-scenes of one of podcasting, we dive deep into the many layers of unapologetic, purposeful living…



Tell us a little bit about you and your work…

I’m on a one-woman-mission to help people live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good — on their own terms. I do this through a blended melting pot of goodness I call Practical Magic, which is a combination of superpowers made up of all my slashie hats which includes life coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, Qoya, mindfulness, wellbeing and self care and so much more. I’m also a lover of disco balls, a bright red lip and more leopard print than is necessary!


You work in so many different mediums…podcasting, workshopping, mentoring…Was it always a conscious decision to multi-hyphenate yourself or has it been an evolving practice? 

This has definitely been an evolving practice, and one aligned to life, because we are constantly evolving. That’s what I love about being human and running my own business; we never stay still, so it means that my business doesn’t have to either. Much like the reflections of light off of that gorgeous disco ball, we can pivot and dance with how we shift and change in life. It is such a joy that I get to wake up every day, work with amazing people and choose how I wish to show up to the work and do it in a way that fits around the lives of my clients, and the life I wish to live.




The Practical Magic Podcast is one of my absolute favourites. What is something about your podcasting process that listeners perhaps wouldn’t know?

Thank you Esme, it’s such an honour to share it with the world, and I adore the whole process. So, I don’t record in a fully loaded studio, most of the time it’s just me, a hand held voice recorded and my faithful companion — my dog, Bertie the Bedlington Terrier. Quite often Bertie can get a little fidgety during the recording (he doesn’t understand that he has to stay silent during the calls), so I can often be chatting away to someone, whilst trying to stop him from barking to be let out! 


"I’m constantly having to step out of the way of my ego

when I start worrying about whether people will like it, or buy it,

or if I’m doing enough to make it a ‘success’."


There is a loneliness epidemic amongst not only those self-employed but collectively. Do you ever experience loneliness working for yourself and if so, do you have anything in place to tackle such?

I’m lucky as most of my work involves working with other people whether that’s coaching one-to-one, or running events and workshops, so I do get to ‘people’ in real life, but when I am working at home then it’s generally just me. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong network and community; both in person and online. I have the most amazing group of women around me, and we support each other tirelessly, so whether it’s a WhatsApp or an Insta DM, there’s always someone you can talk to. Oh, and there’s alway Bertie, so I’m never really lonely.




Your Practical Magic Activation Deck launched earlier this year…What challenges have you faced offering a product for sale as opposed to a service?

It’s an entirely different ball game, and one that I’m learning and leaning into everyday. We ran a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund bringing the deck to life earlier in the year, which was an incredible learning curve of its own. I guess the main challenge I’ve experienced at present is selling the concept, because it’s such a unique proposition. It’s the UK’s first ‘life coach in a box’, so communicating an idea around something which doesn’t yet exist has been an interesting creative process. 


Also, getting out of my own way! When you create something which is your life’s work, and your soul is woven into it, you can get a little too emotionally attached. I’m constantly having to step out of the way of my ego when I start worrying about whether people will like it, or buy it, or if I’m doing enough to make it a ‘success’. The truth is, the product is a powerful tool to help other people connect into their own wisdom, so however it connects with the world, is exactly as it’s meant to be.




What was your ‘why’ behind bringing your gorgeous, juicy deck to life?

When we can tune into our own intuition to truly listen in to what our needs are in life, and be guided by ourselves to make positive and pragmatic change based on what we most need; it’s the most empowering work out there. I live and breathe my work and the personal development / spirituality world, but I noticed just how much people were outsourcing the answers to everyone and everything else, when actually all of the answers we could ever need to life, the universe and everything is all within us. It’s the connection to ourselves, which gives us to the connection to everything else. 


I wanted to be able to create something which allowed people access to that incredible wisdom at any time of the day, simply by taking a moment to connect in, tuning into their intuition through connecting with a card, and then carrying out the activation exercises which go with each card to take that wisdom out of the passive, and into the active — the magic aligned to the practical.


What do you believe is the biggest myth about creative living?

That we have to be a creative to live a creative life. You don’t have to have been born with a paintbrush or pencil in your hand to live a creative life. You are creative by the very fact that you are a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being. The way we express ourselves in every area of our lives is our creativity, so it’s important that we live that life to the fullest expression we have, and do so unapologetically. Living creatively is simply living a life you want to live and doing it on your own terms.


"The way we express ourselves in every area of our lives

is our creativity, so it’s important that we live that life

to the fullest expression we have, and do so unapologetically."


What would you suggest is the first step someone should take if they’re dabbling with the idea of coaching/mentoring?

Working with a coach is one of the most empowering experiences you can gift to yourself, so it’s important that you’re working with the person who you feel you can help you to unlock your creativity and help you take positive steps forward, as well as walking alongside you as you make those changes. It’s important for client and coach to have great rapport, so do some research, speak with them, get a feel for their style of coaching, which is why I offer a free 30 minute discovery call with anyone who’s interested in working with me. It’s such a wonderful investment to make, so it’s important that you feel you are working with someone who you know you will be able to be both vulnerable and powerful with at the same time!




Finish the sentence: ‘Success is….’ 

Something which needs a re-brand. Words are so incredibly powerful, and words such as ‘success’ and ‘failure’ can have a negative impact by leading to us believe that life is lived either a right way, or a wrong way, which is all kinds of BS. I much prefer the words ‘fulfilment’, ‘alignment’ or ‘contentment’ as internal measures of ways in which we feel into the wonders of this thing called ‘life’, and a life lived on our own terms. 



For more gorgeous, relatable words and content from Kate, please give her a follow on Instagram and check out her Website!


Subscribe to the Practical Magical Podcast here; a few favourite episodes of mine include these following episodes with Donna Hay, Tamara Driessen and Claire Baker!


And check out the Practical Magic Activation Deck - the most thoughtful gift you can give your creative friends (or yourself) this Christmas!

Pictures: Courtesy of Kate Taylor.


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