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Make Magick Happen (Into the Souls of Indie Makers): Kimberly Peta Dewhirst of Star Sign Style

August 29, 2018

Over the last couple of years, a storm of obsession for the zodiac has descended upon the masses and amateur Astrologers dominate all corners of the internet. From shading dates as “too Scorpio” to offering out personal takes on Mercury Retrograde, Astrology has seemingly been the gateway drug into the Mystical World for so so many of us - to paraphrase Ruby Warrington’s own journey of astrology depicted in her bestselling book Material Girl Mystical World.


And with such a collective turning to the stars, I can’t help but ponder upon whether this new-wave of Astrology-enthusiasts are looking to turn-pro, or at the very least looking to understand the practice on a deeper level. I therefore thought for this month’s instalment of Make Magick Happen it would be great to share insight into the profession of Astrology.


I am so so excited to introduce you to the completely enchanting writer and Astrologer, Kimberly Peta Dewhirst of Star Sign Style. With a unique twist on traditional forecasting, Kimberly founded Star Sign Style back in 2012 as a way to fuse fashion with the zodiac. As style and our innately written birth charts are such fiercely personal markers of our identity, it’s no wonder Kimberly found scope to explore this juicy amalgam and as means explore the twelve astrological archetypes to a greater degree.


Over the last month, Kimberly and I have been working on something very special together which will be revealed very soon, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy getting to know Kimberly’s astrological journey and that her deep wisdom into the working-life as an Astrologer inspires some of you make similar magick happen...



Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

My name’s Kimberly, I’m an astrologer/writer based in Hong Kong; I’m British and married to an American. I write daily and monthly horoscopes for the YouCam App; monthly horoscopes for StyleCaster, articles for and a few other outlets. I’m also the founder of Star Sign Style, which is dedicated to the fashion and beauty styles of the zodiac signs, and I offer personal consultations over Skype to a globally based clientele. I also work on events for big brands like Charlotte Tilbury, the Four Seasons and Net-a-Porter, and created a nail varnish collection with Julep!


Once you decided you wanted to become an astrologer, what was the next step for you?

Education; I enrolled at the London School of Astrology and went on to study with The Faculty of Astrological Studies – and continue to learn. I really respect the subject as something to be taken seriously, and although there are many different strands of interpretation it's definitely worth the effort taking a thorough and formal approach. 


"I really respect the subject as something

to be taken seriously, and it's definitely worth the effort

taking a thorough and formal approach."


What advice would you give astrology-enthusiasts looking to turn pro?

Enrol with a school or find a teacher; identify mentors (there may be some in your local area); read all you can; start gathering your friends' and families' birth data – watch them and ask them about major life events; feed the obsession but use common sense; practice every day! You can also be a very successful astrologer without it being a full time job, and many consulting astrologers build their practice gradually over a lifetime. It's also worth thinking about what kind of astrologer you want to be; aside from being a really terrific and knowledgeable astrologer there's also a bedside manner to cultivate for readings, which isn't everyone's forte. Also, writing horoscopes isn't the same as being a consultant astrologer – some astrologers make great researchers or authors, lecturers and teachers, for example. Some are terrible writers and are best off working with people.


Your niche is fashion and fusing style with the zodiac. How important do you think it is for astrologers to have their own niche to stand out in an increasingly popular profession?

I don’t think it’s necessary at all, but I do admire when an astrologer has a special interest. Dedicating time to a particular area is very beneficial for the astrological community, as findings can be delivered back to the group. There's definitely enough room for everyone – I think it would be amazing if there was an astrologer in every community, as people need to be able to access this kind of information, plugging in like a weather forecast (and not everyone is going to gravitate towards the same presentation of the subject).



You’re based in Hong Kong - what’s the astro scene/mystic community like over there?

The wellness scene is definitely growing, and I have a couple of firm friends that are astrologers. There are a very small handful of us but it keeps me going! And it's a good excuse to go to international conferences. Hong Kong is a fascinating place, a true melting pot with so many different nationalities and cultures, however it's primarily a financial and business hub, so mysticism isn't really the flavour of the day among the expats. Sadly a lot of classical texts – including traditional Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology books – were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, so it can be a real challenge learning about ancient practices and local mystic arts – not to mention the language barrier is very real!


"There's nothing like helping people shift their perspective

to grow more confident in themselves and their path."


Along with publishing horoscopes and writing for various websites, you host Full Moon Circle events - how do you utilise your craft in this setting?

This is something I’ve only recently started doing, as I’ve wanted to introduce a more interactive - and celebratory - element to my practice. The Full Moon is a time to be visible and out in the open, and a time that information can come to light. I want to be available to people in my home town who have questions about their natal chart and all that’s unfolding, so I’m facilitating an environment where people can share their personal experiences against an astrological backdrop. It’s quite an intimate space and basically an excuse to get together and talk about astrology!


One thing most people wouldn't know about the life of an astrologer?

It’s pretty sedentary and can be very intensive work; I stagger my chores throughout the day to force myself to take regular breaks from the computer and make sure to meet friends for coffee or lunch throughout the week, otherwise it can be incredibly isolating. It's also super helpful for my horoscopes to check in with many different people, as it informs and inspires my writing (I'm a big fan of WhatsApp voice notes!) The best part is fostering awareness and self-acceptance; there's nothing like helping people shift their perspective to grow more confident in themselves and their path, I adore it – though dressing up for events is fun too! I got to wear the most beautiful Alice Temperly dress at the Charlotte Tilbury launch in Hong Kong!


What do you find to be the most challenging thing about working for yourself?

Managing workloads. I’ve learned to be diligent – if not scrupulous – about writing schedules and deadlines; a lot of planning goes in, as I don't have any assistance to deliver if I'm sick or interrupted, so I'm pretty responsible. I've been incredibly lucky with projects but there's still an element of uncertainty around the longevity of contracts. The balance lies in not over-committing, while still keeping a healthy flow of incoming work.


Finish the sentence: ‘Success is….’

Being better today than you were yesterday; being authentic and true to you!

Follow Kimberly's astro-forecasts for Star Sign Style over on Instagram and check out her website!


If you are in Hong Kong and would like to attend one of Kimberly's Full Moon Circle events at Yoga BamBam, please keep an eye on her Facebook for more info!


Photos courtesy of Kimberly Peta Dewhirst.


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