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Editor's Letter: March

March 1, 2018


The third month, the third issue.


So before I get on my hands and knees begging you for forgiveness over the fact you don’t yet have The Goddess Issue in your hands when I said you would be able to by the end of February…I would just like to say - it is here, you just can’t have it yet, as cruel as that sounds. They’re boxed up, waiting to be unleashed into the big wide world when powers higher than myself deem them ready. I know it’s now March and a lot of you are banging down my virtual doors to release the damn thing already, but you have to understand…Hook Magazine is just me. I have no team to help me plan events or do my press. I have no interns to sift through the mundane jobs that take up 99% of my time but need doing. And well, there’s just a couple of post-production road blocks forcing The Goddess Issue’s launch to a near standstill. 


Because the thing is, once something gets bigger or something becomes more successful, you (the creator) automatically begin to lose less and less control. If it were up to me alone, The Goddess Issue would already be in shops. But if I want the magazine to continue to grow, which I do, I no longer solely get to make all of the decisions. There’s more elements involved in publishing the magazine and more boxes to tick compared to what there were back when issue #1 was released.


So where do we currently stand? Believe me when I say - when I know, you’ll know. I’m genuinely not hiding anything from you or withholding any information about the issue, I am as we speak finalising the *final* date for the launch party. 


Having said that and despite my initial sadness of having to wait longer to launch the new issue than any of us want - it means something bigger and BETTER is on the horizon. And shortly after I’ve confirmed the date of launch - I’ll be able to share the gorgeous, ethereal cover with you. So I know I said it last month, but honestly, this time - stay really, really tuned. 


I was just as disappointed as you probably are - but I’m now meeting the universe halfway and honouring what it was calling me to do. To compromise and to be patient for the good of what the magazine deserves. And it’s gonna be well fucking worth the wait.


And that's the honest truth. That’s March. The Goddess Issue is arriving this month and I know I said that last month, but factors beyond my control have meant The Goddess Issue arrives this month instead. But hey, she’s still gonna be a juicy ol’ Pisces crybaby. 


And lest not forget, you’ve still got loads of healing, magick and power to get through on this blog before the new issue comes out…February saw Hook’s highest website traffic to date and I hope you’re here to keep up the momentum! And please, if you have any requests of topics you want to see explored or covered here, please say so in the comments below or give me a direct message. I have loved covering such a wide range of content so far and I’m intrigued to know what you’re enjoying reading the most!


Quite frankly, I just can’t believe it’s March at all. That another month has passed us by. February still felt like we had our training wheels on and that we were still only slightly dipping our toes in the water. But March, feels….like full blown 2018. It feels real. It’s like there is no more settling in to be had and it’s time to get on with our year. Confirming as much, the month opens with a full moon in Virgo on the 1st (USA) or 2nd (Europe) and asks us to detoxify the ins and outs of our lives and bodies. Plan a detox body massage, donate your old clothes, unfollow fake friends…get yourself organised and refreshed and ready to save a date: March is going to be a one hell of a ride. 


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