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Editor's Letter: November

November 1, 2017


So my toffee apples didn’t go as well as I hoped they would last night. Finding the perfect balance between sugar and syrup was a case of experimenting until finding a consistent flow and getting the sprinkles to stick proved that sometimes, things just don’t end up as you preconceive them to. What I’m trying to say is, life is about constantly stirring the pot to achieve a tasty melange of fulfilment. You will never be able to just add a sprinkle of this and a dash of that to create a full life with the boundaries, space, and purpose your heart desires. Your sparkly, glittered topping might also not always feel as refined and curated as you hoped it would look once you’ve got there. But it’s totally okay. Life doesn’t have a cap on how much you can achieve; it’s a process destined to span out a lifetime. You will change your course when things don’t work out as you’d hoped and you’ll find new spices to add to your cauldron of essence. Time keeps on going; there’s always another opportunity to attempt those toffee apples. 


As we say hello to the cold and nostalgia of November, we begin the revaluation of our 2017 goals. We become ravenous from everything we are yet to achieve and set plans to make these last two months count. After all, we do spend most of this month in transformative Scorpio. Whether we use this abundance of emotion to manifest these incomplete objectives into action or simply cry it out, you won’t want the water to turn you cold. 


But the warmth of colours this November will conquer, I’m sure of it. On the full moon in Taurus (November 4th) we’ll be howling under the roof of Rough Trade for Notts Zine Fest. Despite the paradoxical energies coming in from Taurus and Scorpio, we’ll have all the goodies you need to help you through this full moon. If you’re based around Nottingham, UK, don’t be shy. 


If you’re a true Hook’er (like I know you are), you’ll by now be in the know that our third issue is ‘The Goddess Issue’. And whilst I’m under no means to share any of the juicy info that’s fusing together this powerful exploration of the goddess archetype, things are definitely hotting up (why hello Sagittarius energy). I’ve been truly overwhelmed with the volume of goddesses descending upon my mailbox, wanting to be involved in the new issue and so I would like to take this moment to say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for believing in Hook and wanting to share your own visions of what it means to be a 21st century goddess. You know what? I think we’ve just about got this, guys. 


Whilst The Goddess Issue waxes into life, stay warm this November. Don’t be too hard on yourselves when you begin to feel the strain of January’s incomplete resolutions waver over you. You’ve been surviving and you’ve been surviving hard. And remember, keep stirring your pot. An alchemist can only become an alchemist through the practice itself. If you do feel a burst of motivation to spend your last two months of 2017 nailing everything I know you can, then work with the new moon’s potency on the 18th. They’ll be fireworks not only on Guy Fawkes but throughout the whole month. 



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