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Editor's Letter: October

October 1, 2017

Although I must admit to getting rather excited when I drove past a pumpkin patch the other day, holy hell, time is moving quickly. We are already in October and Hook has already had an entire month in the home of it’s new website. My scarf is on and my boots tread among the fallen brown leaves; an embodiment of the slowing down, cozying up and inward thinking we begin positioning our minds and bodies when we reach October. I don’t know about you but since the new moon on September 19th - I’ve been overcome with uncertainty and a general feeling of being a little lost in myself and the world. As we draw into October, we’ll hopefully begin to feel more at home with ourselves. And with a full moon in Aries (October 5th), the time will be ripe to claim our lives back and trust ourselves to take action. Settling is the thing in October, isn’t it? 


And hey, haven’t you heard! Our submissions for issue #3 are now open! I’m pleased to announce that the new issue of Hook will be ‘The Goddess Issue’. I always wanted to make the feminist magazine of my dreams and I know this issue will be just that. Exploring themes that govern the traditional goddess archetype: fertility, motherhood, sexuality, seduction, femininity, beauty and youth, the aim of the issue is to re-assess what it means to be a modern-day goddess who doesn't need to have perfection in goddess-like qualities to be a bad-ass, incredible, beautiful woman. Besides, perfect doesn't exist…so ahem, move over Venus, we’re the new gen of the feminine. So if you have something to say about goddess ideals and what they say about how the world expects women to be like today - in the instrument of words, art, photography, poetry etc, do send an email to by October 20th and we can discuss some magick manifestation.


We’re also going to be out and about embracing the cold, wind, rain and storm by selling magazines and merch at a few events in the UK this month. We’ll be at the next Grrrl Zine Fair which will be celebrating queer night life at Sutton House in East London on October 15th and witching up Lincoln Zine Fest at Lincoln University on October 28th. Come and say hello - I only bite on Halloween. 


I hope you've so far been enjoying the eclectic content on the website, I really can’t wait to share more with you this month and rid the creative block that’s had my mind tangled up these last few weeks. And as I’m mentioning, I think it’s important to say as someone in the creative field, blocks do happen and they happen to everyone. They suck and I beat myself up for it but I shouldn’t. The sooner we all realise that everyone isn’t creating EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR. OF. EVERYDAY (or even just everyday) - the better. Social media has tricked us all into thinking we all need to be successful and ‘doing’ all the time, but in real life - that’s impossible. So, with that said - you can check out my ‘pre-creative-block’ content through the archive and you can get new (we’ll get there eventually) posts direct to your inbox by signing up to the newsletter through the form on the top of the blog’s home page. I also do my best to share all new posts on Hook’s social media channels if the pop to your inbox aint your thang. Thank you so much for joining Hook’s journey so far, I’m having a blast. Have a wonderful Samhain and I’ll see you in *gulps* Scorpio Season. 




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