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Why 'The Healing Issue' Is the Best Gift You Could Buy This Christmas

December 7, 2017


A world where we don’t allow ourselves to emotionally evolve, mentally develop and physically release is one where no flower can grow. Healing is learning from your mistakes, offering inner forgiveness when you’ve fucked up and using pain in ways that will guide you forwards. Happy is no destination but it’s something you can choose along the way if you make yourself vulnerable enough. Healing is where that lifetime journey begins…


Okay, so I promise this isn’t just another Christmas Gift Guide…Think of it as…the solution to all of your problems. All of your problems being that you don’t want to spend another year buying just any old novelty item from Urban Outfitters for the sake of having something to give. You want to invest in something that means something and will also mean something to your recipient. Look no further, here at Hook Magazine it’s all about emotional investment (perhaps a little too much of it at times), and we’ve got your Christmas 2017 covered, literally - our gift wrap package is the dream.


When you first hear the word ‘magazine’, your gut is filled with images of celebrity body shaming and gossip. With ‘How to Lose 10 Pounds’, clothes we won’t ever be able to afford or disassociated advertising. Along with some of the coolest babes in independent publishing, Hook is changing the philosophy behind magazine-making and not only offering content people are actually searching for, but also helping people with their self-discovery and becoming. Although The Healing Issue has been compared to be more like a book for it’s dense content and coffee-table thickness, it’s everything I believe a magazine should embody. It’s all about value, meaning and emotion: your gift-disconnection resolved. And as an independent business at Christmas, any order packaged is bound to come tied with a few extra Christmas wishes .


From the spiritual to the secular, The Healing Issue delves deep into the exploration of how practices of healing can be used and understood in a modern narrative, what the word really means and how we can become more open with ourselves to let it in. If you’re looking for something different to your average sugar-coated self-help book, this is healing up close and personal, finally surrendering. The issue was curated to introduce it’s readers to a single spark that could potentially change their life and the testimonials received (that I have absolute gratitude for) have proved that it’s touched lives in more ways than your average magazine. 


From astrology with Broadly’s resident Astrologer, Annabel Gat, to how investing time into getting your nails done can make a huge difference to your life with, WAH Nails. Discovering the underground occult club scene with C O V E N, to how tattoos can awaken you to be who you truly are with Zine-Queen, Steph Jed, Tattooer and Creator, Hannah Pixie Snow and Indie Artist, Anastasia Tasou.


As the creator of The Healing Issue, it is my one true wish this Christmas for as many people to tap into how they could possibly heal trauma, health and relationships. There is currently so much sadness, devastation and anger in the world but I believe it takes just a single person to change the world as a result of them changing their world.


hereThis December, Hook is offering The Healing Issue in an ultimate, celestial Christmas gift package. Wrapped in Full Moon gift wrap, the magazine will come with a complimentary collage postcard and an A5 collage print (with the option to include a personalised message for your loved one written on the back). All of which will be for the same price as a singular magazine (!!!!). It will also come in a gorgeous metallic postage bag so you don’t even need to take the gift out; it’s perfect to give as it is. If you want to share something meaningful with your friends this Christmas, give them the gift of healing - you never know how it’ll light up their 2018. To order, take a lil’ trip to our online store and add The Healing Issue Christmas Bundle to your cart - don’t forget to leave your personalised message in the order notes if you want one.


And last but not least, the most important information that’ll make sure Santa can deliver from his soul-sanctuary in time: the last delivery dates for a Christmas guarantee. If you want your Hook Magazine Gift Package guaranteed to arrive before Christmas, please place your order on or before the following dates:


  • Australia, New Zealand, Turkey & Greece: Friday 8th Dec

  • Germany, Italy, Poland & Czech Republic: Tuesday 12th Dec

  • USA, Canada, Finland & Sweden: Wednesday 13th Dec

  • Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Slovakia, Spain & Portugal: Thursday 14th Dec

  • Belgium, France, Ireland & Luxembourg: Saturday 16th Dec

  • U.K.: Wednesday 20th Dec


*Unfortunately the date for Christmas post to other countries and continents may have passed but you can still order a magazine that’ll be packaged with just as much love. If you have any enquires about your parcel, please email:


Thank you for supporting Hook and other independent businesses this Christmas. Wishing you the most magical time of year, full of love, support and abundance. 



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