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What to Expect from the Upcoming Release of Hook Magazine's 'The Earth Issue'

October 24, 2018





I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since The Goddess Issue landed - it feels like only yesterday. But what a journey we’ve been on in these months passed - one I’m pleased to say, has brought us to Hook’s fourth edition since the magazine launched back in 2016; The Earth Issue. 


It’s often said that happiness can’t exist without sadness. That only after darkness can we experience light. You ask for advice from those who've been through the same spouts of hell because only they know how to chop down the same wall of thorns. The Earth is pretty dark right now. But equally, the conditions for light have never been so tended to. The two work in harmony, you see. Community is thriving because movements such as #MeToo and #BelieveWomen demand we stick together. As Brexit confuses the nation more and more each day, we’re finding new ways to define the concept of ‘home’ and what that means to each of us. We’re destroying land and ocean through waste and plastic but it’s forcing us to play with Earth magic once more. In a world of disruption and turmoil, our escapism is our pursuit for purpose. 



Launching on Sunday 28th October at She’s Lost Control, The Earth Issue lands at the perfect time for bunkering down during the cooler seasons ahead. The Goddess Issue was very Spring/Summer - a bright outlook and forward thinking mission to realign the archetype for 21st century women. Whereas The Earth Issue features content of a more warming, grounding nature - providing a space space to explore your purpose and a reminder that you have a very special job to do here on this Earth.


Joining the issue to help you explore your truth and what makes you feel fully alive on this Earth, I speak to crystal healer, tarot reader and all-round modern magic-maker, Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister, all about taking accountability for your own growth by showing up to do the work. And of course her upcoming book, The Crystal Code - which we will also be celebrating the publication of at She’s Lost Control’s Hangouts on Sunday 28th October. Writer, Amy Beecham explores the nuances between IRL and URL friendships and how surprisingly it’s often those IRL relationships that need the compassion our online ones yield. I speak to journalist, Alya Mooro all about how she came to terms with belonging to two juxtaposing cultures and how identity doesn’t have to fit anyone else’s preference, along with an exclusive insight into her upcoming debut book. Whilst my interview with writer, Meg Fee waxes lyrical about how aligning with a company’s value system has the capacity to completely transform your workplace experience. Astrologer, Kimberly Peta Dewhirst, who we first met a few months ago in the Make Magick Happen series, also brings you a full cosmic forecast to help you prepare for the next 6 months ahead. Plus loads, loads, LOADS more. Like, tons more. 


Bigger than ever, infused with more magic than ever, The Earth Issue truly is a body of work I believe can help you jump out of your comfort zone to ascend towards your higher calling. And I say that not to blow my own trumpet, but because that's what it did for me. In fact, it’s the exact reason I felt so much resistance when I first started out working on this issue - it gave me the opportunity to face my own shit and examine how I could raise my vibration for the collective consciousness of Earth. And I know it can be there for you - assisting you and collaborating with you to do the same. You may be one in a multi-billion, but you have a very very unique mission whilst you’re here. And I’m so excited to witness you figure it out. 


I would love, love, LOVE to hangout with you at She’s Lost Control on Sunday 28th October for magical conversations and a prosecco or two. Do try and make it, I would love to meet you. And don’t forget to tell the rest of your tribe where the good vibes will be happening!


The Earth Issue launches at She’s Lost Control on Sunday 28th October from 11am-4pm.


Available to PRE-ORDER from HERE now. 


Find The Earth Issue in stores from Monday 29th October. For more stockist information, keep an eye on our social channels over the next few weeks.


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