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What to Expect from the Upcoming Release of Hook Magazine's 'The Goddess Issue'

March 21, 2018

When I first started the print edition of Hook Magazine, I made a mental note that for every trip around the sun, the magazine would go through a regeneration. A makeover to reaffirm that everything was still in alignment and reflective of Hook’s philosophy. The Goddess Issue marks the first issue after a whole trip around the sun and therefore acquires a slightly new-and-improved appearance, technically. The new design of the uncoated cover and gloss pages mark the absolute treasure awaiting when you delve inside. So let’s do just that…


Over the last 12 months, there has been a Goddess uprising like never-before. We’ve created movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp to declare war upon the previously unspoken dichotomy of sexual assault and harassment - which has, up until now sat comfortably in the majority of most industries. We’ve watched films that document the accounts of original femmes, such as Mary Magdalene and praised stories that have previously not been given a platform to be told, such as Wonder Woman. We’re investing more into our self-care routines and truly beginning to understand the importance of looking after our minds, bodies and souls. Goddess energy has slowly but surely began to wake the world up and we’re listening. 


The mission for The Goddess Issue has been simple: to make more women believe in themselves and their power. To rip apart any previous understanding of what being female is supposed to look like and instead know that we are good enough by being ourselves. To do so, I looked at the themes that govern the traditional Goddess archetype: Beauty, Fertility, Motherhood, Youth, Femininity, and Sexuality and explored them in ways to realign with modern-day women and the modern-day issues we face. Showing that we no longer need to feel like we have to mirror the ideal image or path of each of these narratives to be a goddess. We are all goddesses by being ourselves and embracing who we are.


To help achieve this, I reached out to goddesses who are creating impactful change, motivation and inspiration for feminine energy to take back ownership and rise into this new dimension of the goddess. Cover-goddess, Gala Darling was shot by Maddie Goldbeck in her residing city of New York City - a place she described to me as “where manifestation comes home to roost.” We talk all about her best-selling ideology Radical Self Love and how to shake all areas of your life into one big, giant feel-good fest. Writer, Rosie Faye Ellis explores the history of virginity and what use the construct has for women in 2018. I spoke to author and speaker, Mel Wells about intuitive eating and how our food habits really reflect how we’re living our lives and chatted with Vanessa Cuccia, creator and founder of crystal sex toy company, Chakrubs about how we can reinvest sacred energy into our sexual practice. Artist, Jess Cochrane speaks about where the art world currently sits on the spectrum of women’s rights and we have tons of INSANE illustrations by Olli Hull, Melanie Lee and Dorothée Thomson.  Plus loads, loads, LOADS more. 


By speaking with and being surrounded by so many positive beacons of light that are dedicating their lives to helping goddesses and challenging the social ideals that have previously put women down has really had monumental effects on my life. Over this cycle of creating The Goddess Issue I have never felt happier and more in love with myself and the life I’m riding. I believe this magazine has all of the ingredients to do the same for you. It’s the uttermost truth that the magick I’m talking about is infused within the pages of The Goddess Issue and I can’t wait for it to give you the power to truly step into your existence like never before. It’s a love letter to every woman that’s ever felt even a shed of doubt in her bones and an ultimatum to every man that’s ever wondered why. It’s written for just for you


The Goddess Issue launches Saturday 24th March.

PRE-ORDER your copy HERE.


Find it in-stores at Housmans Bookshop, Charlotte Street News and Treadwell’s Bookshop. More stockists information to follow. 

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