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Why Hook Magazine Is the Most Fulfilling Gift You Can Give This Christmas…

December 12, 2018


We all like the idea of buying locally or independently at Christmas…Knowing that you’re directly contributing towards another family’s livelihood fills your own stocking with so much fulfilment. But that doesn’t always mean it’s an easy decision to make. It takes a lot of trust to invest your hard earned cash into something that is for the most part, totally unknown. You know what you’re getting when you click add-to-basket on Amazon, know the standard of service and have a trusted relationship with the seller. And I completely, without-a-doubt get that Christmas is stressful enough without thinking about your spending’s economic footprint or capitalism. I have previously always opted for easy myself. But if you do find yourself not wanting to spend another year buying just another novelty item from Urban Outfitters for the sake of having something to give, I would like the opportunity to tell you about the Christmas Gift Bundle I am offering with Hook Magazine this year…


When you first hear the word ‘magazine’, your mind is instantly flooded with images of celebrity body-shaming and gossip columns. With ‘How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days’, clothes you can’t afford and eye-roll worthy advertising. Not what you want to be gifting your nearest and dearest anytime of year let alone Christmas! But forget what you know about magazines for a second and let me introduce you to Hook Magazine. 


Alongside an array of conscious-creatives, Hook is changing the philosophy of magazine making not only by offering timeless content people are actually searching for, but also by helping people with their self-discovery and how they can find more meaning in this fast-paced modern world. It is a magazine completely ad-free, with thick quality paper from small printing companies I have formed relationships with. Every issue is four months worth of single-handedly pouring my heart into a publication with only the best interviews, articles and editorial art - not to mention a further two months prior developing and researching the issue’s concept. Every page is infused with so much love, time, care and magic tailored specifically for your growth, healing and becoming. More mini coffee table book than flick-through waiting room material. More handbook for life than news that’s out-of-date the following week…


This December then, I am offering the ultimate Hook Magazine Christmas Gift Package. Wrapped in celestial gift wrap, when you order The Earth Issue or The Goddess Issue (or both), you receive a complimentary collage postcard, 4 A3 collage Christmas Cards (2 designs to choose from) and a Hook sticker. All of which is available for the regular price of a singular magazine (!!!!). The bundle will also arrive at your door in a gorgeous gold metallic postage bag so you don’t even need to take the gift out of its original packaging; it’s perfectly festive to give as it is.


If you want to share something meaningful with your friends this Christmas, give them the gift of self-discovery - you never know how it’ll light up their 2019. To order, take a lil’ trip to our online store here and add one of the bundles available to your cart! And don’t forget to leave your preferred Christmas card design in the order notes!


And last but not least, the most important information that’ll make sure Santa can deliver from this soul-sanctuary in time: the last dates for a guaranteed Christmas delivery. If you want your Hook Magazine Gift Package guaranteed to arrive before Christmas, please place your order on or before the following dates:



  • USA, Canada, Italy, Poland: Friday 14th Dec

  • Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Slovakia, Spain & Portugal: Monday 17th Dec

  • Belgium, France, Ireland & Luxembourg: Tuesday 18th Dec

  • U.K.: Thursday 20th Dec



*Unfortunately the date for guaranteed Christmas delivery to other countries and continents may have already passed but you can still order a magazine that’ll be packaged with just as much love; arriving in time for the New Year. If you have any enquires about your parcel or are worried about whether it will arrive in time for Christmas, please send me an email at: 


Thank you so much for supporting Hook and other independent businesses this Christmas. You really don’t know how much of a difference it makes to us. Wishing you the most magical time of year, full of love, support and abundance always. 


You can keep up-to-date with everything Hookmas on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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