Spiritual thinking exploring contemporary culture in print

“Feels so good to have my poem in print - thank you to Hook Magazine for giving it a home in this BEAUTIFUL glossy magazine full of goddess magik arty creative goodness. I am SO proud of every badass babe involved and grateful to be included, it’s beyond anything I ever expected. It’s so so beautiful.” 

- Scarlett Ward (Poet) on ‘The Goddess Issue’

“It is one of the most beautiful bodies of work I’ve ever laid my eyes on and as always I feel blessed to be a part of it.” 

- Rosie Faye Ellis (Online Editor of Sister Magazine) on ‘The Goddess Issue’

“The detail and true soul effort she puts into it is so raw and amazing. Thank you Esme!”

 - Alex March (Medium, Empath and Reiki Intuitive) on ‘The Healing Issue’

“I’m really really happy with how this whole thing came out and I think the lady behind this whole magazine is magic. Go grab one if you’d like to read something that fills your souls a little more than most glossy mags.” 

- Hannah Pixie Snow (Tattooer and Good Karma Activist) on ‘The Healing Issue’

“My interview with Hook Magazine has probably been my favorite. Not just because Editor Esme Marsh is a pleasure but also because the magazine itself is gorgeous as hell.” 


- Annabel Gat (Astrologer) on ‘The Healing Issue’

“Esme Marsh has created something special, something unique, the kind of thing we rarely see anymore. A print magazine with a new and powerful POV. What I love about it, is how Esme is willing to put it all on the line. This beautiful baby is all her - she created and published it powered by sheer desire and an unreasonableness to not let anything stop her. I am blown away by what she has done and am honoured to be featured along with the Laughing Pussies Tarot Deck throughout the premiere issue. This magazine is art, literature, poetry, feminism and so much more. I want every woman to have this, to run her fingers along the glossy cover and feel the powerful energy that emanates from Esme.” 


- Meryl Ranzer (Artist, creator of the Laughing Pussies Tarot Deck and Activist) on ‘The Tarot Issue’

“I have had the pleasure of watching and supporting Esme Marsh create The Tarot Issue. I have watched it grow from a seed of an idea into the final product. It’s had ups and downs and bursts and blocks and now it’s here…And it’s amazing. For me, this is a reminder to always do what you love and keep it that way. To have my name in this alone is an honour in itself…The journey has been beautiful, the writing is beautiful, the writing is beautiful and the features are beautiful.” 

- Dominic Gibbon (Editor-in-Chief of Foundry Magazine) on 'The Tarot Issue'

“Thank you Esme Marsh for interviewing me for this incredible issue based on tarot. So honoured to have been a part of this.” 


- Nicole Dollanganger (Musician) on ‘The Tarot Issue’

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